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Form Name
File Type
File Size
JKPT1 Application for Registration pdf 9 KB Download
JKPT1a Application for Renewal pdf 4 KB


JKPT2 Certificate of Registration pdf 6 KB Download
JKPT3 Application for Cancellation or Amendment of Registration pdf 5 KB Download
JKPT4 Counter-Foil pdf 4 KB Download
JKPT5 Inspection Notebook pdf 6 KB Download
JKPT6 Accounts of Stamps pdf 5 KB Download
JKPT6A Abstract of Accounts of Stamps pdf 4 KB Download
JKPT7 Registration of Accounts pdf 4 KB Download
JKPT8 Challan pdf 6 KB Download
JKPT9 Notice of Appearance under sec.6(2), 6(4) & 9(4) pdf 5 KB Download
JKPT10 Notice of Demand pdf 4 KB Download
JKPT11 Notice of re-assessment pdf 4 KB Download
JKPT12 Register of Refund and Renewal of Stamps pdf 8 KB Download
JKPT13 Refund Statement pdf 5 KB Download
JKPT14 Refund Statement pdf 5 KB Download
JKPT15 Renewal Statement pdf 5 KB Download
JKPT16 Submission of Stamps to Treasury pdf 5 KB Download
JKPT17 Receipt for penalty pdf 4 KB Download
JKPT18 Register of Penalty receipt pdf 4 KB Download
JKPT19 Register to be maintained by owners of Contract carriages paying passenger tax in cash except those who pay tax in lumpsum pdf 5 KB Download
JKPT20 Receipt to be issued by Dy. Sales Tax Commissioner Jammu/Kashmir Province. pdf 4 KB Download
JKPT21 Passenger Tax Payment Book pdf 4 KB Download
JKPT22 Application for permission for composition of tax payable by an owner pdf 5 KB Download

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